Phases Of HCG Diet Plan

Phases Of HCG Diet Plan

HCG diet plan has a breathtaking and an unbelievable weight reduction results. Most of the people who have used it always have positive reviews about this diet plan. So, what does this HCG diet plan entails? And what makes it work so well that almost everyone of us wants to get a hold of it? Well, the answer to that is simple. The HCG drops diet plan has got this simple process that involves three phases.

These phases involve several steps. When the steps are coupled with intake of HCG drops, the result is a speedy reduction in weight loss. By the end of this article, you will be able to know how HCG drops are properly used. Ways that can assist you maximize weight loss, while you take HCG drops, are also provided.

Despite of the fact that most phases have been explained to target certain patients, this breakdown here is for any kind of patient. Furthermore, this breakdown has proven to be so effective. Now, let’s take a look at these phases that are in form of set of steps.

Phase one (loading phase)

This is probably the phase that is most overlooked by most patients, yet it is a vital step that shouldn’t be avoided. This phase takes place in the first 2 to 3 days where, as a patient, you are required to take food with a lot of calories. It doesn’t matter whether you have performed this step before; it is a must-do stage.

This phase is helpful since your body will try depositing new lipids and fats, but the HCG drops will counter attack. Instead of storing fats, your body will mobilize and loosen these fats and lipids. This will be helpful when you begin the actual diet plan, where the mobilized fats and lipids bring about rapid weight loss.

It is very important to keep taking HCG drops during this stage. And never stop taking them until the regimen is complete.

Phase two (maintenance)

This is a challenging phase for most dieters. This is because it requires a very strict intake of calories of about 500 to 700 per day. But this is simply a bit of the physical food you take. For example, a lean protein is just fine; particularly chicken and fish.

Ensure that your meals entail tea or coffee for breakfast, with major meals for both lunch and dinner.

This phase is a 60-days step where you will be required to take low calories, while having HCG drops intake. If followed properly, you can lose more than 50lbs.

The most powerful days are the first 10 days. You lose a lot during that time, and from there henceforth, you lose an average of 0.5 per day. Thus this is the phase where a person loses most of his or her weight.

Phase three (stabilization)

It is the favorite stage for most patients. Here, caloric intake is reduced to about 1500 a day. The low fat restriction still remains, just to protect the body from external unknown hormones. HCG drops intake is stopped, and for longer than 23 days, HCG is removed from your body. This will help your body to keep on shedding weight on its own, rather than rely on the HCG intake.

There are specific kinds of foods that are to be taken during this phase. But as long as you avoid dairy and foods containing high fats, then you are fine.

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